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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  May 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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there's indications he was. by 11:30 this morning he was in custody. in the end, it appeared to end quietly as arthur buckel sitting on a garden state parkway guardrail surrounded by police. earlier there had been an intense manhunt in areas of lacy and berkeley township in ocean county. buckel had been spotted yesterday on a surveillance video at the forked river parkway rest area. apparently buckel had signaled a desire via family member he wanted to turn himself in but failed to show when police arrived last night. residents who live near the wooded area said there had been an intense overnight search that ran until about 2:00 a.m. >> helicopters were directly over like this development and searching their lights into the wooded area and then i also saw them going like along the parkway area from the south heading north. >> reporter: police also searched houses still under construction. >> yeah, we had heard that he might have been hiding in some of these houses but i guess
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that was not true. >> reporter: that were under construction. >> cops were here looking under the houses that are under construction in case he tried to get in there which is something he might have done. >> reporter: today after being taken into custody, bob kel was transported by the department of corrections in this white van to the state prison in trenton. he's to be medically evaluated and then interrogate bide 57 special investigative team. passaic county man escaped last week from a minimum security facility in harrington. correction officials have not said how buckel escaped. previously the 38-year-old had spent 14 years behind bars for man slaughter and causing the death of a 10 month old baby. well, buckel was discovered missing may 3rd. part of the ongoing investigation how he got out, was it something he engineered by himself or did he have yup? whatever the case most likely when he's recaptured his escape will likely add years
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to his current sentence. live in trenton, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> we have been following the search for arthur buckle every instead of the way on right now we've got more video and images from chopper6 of that capture and we'll continue to bring you updates throughout the day as they happen. >> brand new at 4 o'clock philadelphia streets commissioner donald carleton has been arrested and charged with assault. carleton is accused of punching someone multiple times at a house party. it happened back in december at a home on american street. the victim had a fractured rib and a bruised eye. mayor jim kenney has placed carleton on leave. deputy streets commissioner mike carroll will run the department in the meantime. >> we are still waiting for the person who bought the winning powerball jackpot ticket to come forward in trenton. just one lucky ticket worth $429 million matched all six powerball numbers in saturday night's drawing and it was
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sold at a 7-eleven. lottery officials say last tuesday that person spent six dollars, six dollars and got a ticket for wednesday and saturday night's drawings. not a bad return on that six dollars investment by the way. the buyers selected the cash option which is valued at $284 million before taxes. while we wait to meet nine the big winner today we met that woman right there. she soldier winning ticket. andrea shin now gets a $30,000 bonus and she says she is still stunned. >> awe it's amazing. you know, i just -- i'm so happy. i just hope that it brings something positive to their life. it's definitely life changing and it's great for the trenton community to have something positive going on. i know there's been a couple crazy things recently but it's a great community everybody is so friendly and i think everybody is excited for the winner whoever it may be. >> and speaking of the community shin says they're a pretty tight knit group around there and they tend to see the same customers every day so
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chances are she says she'll probably recognize the winner. lottery officials say that winner should sign the back of that ticket immediately and in new jersey the winner does have a year to claim their prize. this jackpot win by the way is the six. large of the in the game's history and the largest single jackpot winning ticket sold in new jersey and not a bad little check for the owner of that 7-eleven in trenton, $30,000. andrea says she's going to go on a little vacation take some time off. >> he's got a great attitude about it. awesome stuff. >> kicking off the week with good news there. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> kicking off the week with good news news there. cecily tynan in for adam joseph. >> hi, brian and sharrie. i have a little bit of bad news. the bright blue skies from mother's day beginning to fade behind increasing temperatures. currently in philadelphia 67 degrees. we did hit 71 degrees earlier today which is the normal high for this time of the year. allentown 68, trenton 68,
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wilmington 62 and cape may with the wind off the bay quite a bit cooler, only 59 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing we still had clear skies early this morning. we woke up with the sunshine but you can see how the clouds are really invading from the south and the west and we even do have a little bit of a ribbon of some scattered showers. this is across delaware and south jersey and you can see how they're broken but what's happening that cold front that moved through yesterday is moving back in and it's going to be sticking around for awhile. so, this is what to expect. some showers tomorrow, mainly south of philadelphia. it will be cooler. it will be damp but i am tracking a warmup by the middle of the week i'll talk more about that in the full accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> yeah, we want to hear more about it. cecily we'll see you when you come inside. quarterback sam bradford and returned to practice today working out with the rest of the eagles for the first time since the birds drafted carson wentz. sports director ducis rodgers live in the spots center and
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ducis just like that he's back in the nest. >> uh-huh sharrie. not only is sam bradford back but he's rescinded his request for a trade so all good, right? we shall see. here's video of bradford working out with his teammates today. these are voluntary workouts so he was allowed to miss it as the previous ones he missed. but the eagles wanted him in camp a as team putting in a new offense with the new head coach and new head coach and doug pederson. bradford and agent were not happy they signed carson wentz. bradford released this statement "the business side of football is bradford really had no choice. from the moment he and his agent requestd that trade the eagles said they had no plans to honor that request.
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brian, over to you. >> sam bradford rocking a new haircut as well. ducis thank you. hundreds of people were feeling the bern this morning at the jersey shore. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders held a rally in atlantic city as he continues to fight on despite trailing hillary clinton in the delegate count. katherine scott was at today's rally and spoke with sanders one-on-one. >> thank you, atlantic city. >> reporter: boardwalk hall erupted in cheers this morning as bernie sanders addressed a crowd of supporters in atlantic city. >> what we're seeing in atlantic city, new jersey, capsulizes the ugliness and the greed that we're seeing all over this country. we spoke to the vermont senator one-on-one before the rally about why he felt it was important to stop here. he says the struggles of atlantic city are reflected in a number of communities across the country. >> people are seeing the declines in their wages. they're seeing declines in the pensions that they were
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promised. the community is in trouble and we need to create an economy today that works for all americans. >> reporter: senator sanders ran through a number of his campaign issues from tracking to healthcare, raising the minimum wage and job creation. we talked to two first time voters who wanted to hear his message in person. >> it's our first time voting so it's kind of cool to be like involved. >> i think it's really important they came to ac especially. i think this is a good place for him to come especially after everything that trump has left behind. i think he has a lot to talk about. >> reporter: and some of that talk inevitably turned to the presumptive republican nominee donald trump. >> oh, you know donald trump? [laughter] oh, i get it. you don't think as he a brilliant successful businessman? >> boo. >> who can bring the kind of prosperity to america that he has brought here to atlantic city. >> reporter: though sanders is trailing, he believes there's a viable path to the nomination.
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>> it's a steep climb but we can do it. >> reporter: and he says he needs a win in new jersey the primary is june 7th. in atlantic city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> meanwhile hillary clinton campaigned in virginia today. she held a discussion on work life balance and family issues in the town of stone ridge. polls show clinton trailing slightly in tomorrow's west virginia primary but will still with a lead in the delegate count. >> donald trump has found an official role for new jersey governor chris christie. today trump tapped christie to lead his transition team. that job would only come into play if trump were to win the general election in november. trump has been shifting his focus the fall election as he tries unite and republican party and gain more party support. he has a key meeting with house speaker paul ryan on thursday. >> of course all eyes will be on that meeting. it is monday afternoon and we are almost getting ready for the drive home. >> let's get our eyes on the road. matt pelman in the "action
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news" traffic center. hi, matt. >> hi, guys. i am campaigning for better traffic conditions on 95. so far i'm losing the race because right now we have just 17 miles per hour for you as you come southbound and it's thanks to a crash past allegheny avenue that's taking out the two right lanes. so, as you head southbound toward that work zone at girard first before the construction you're encountering the crash in the two right lanes. really jamming us up and the jam starts here approaching cottman and it's a slow go down to that accident scene just past allegheny avenue. this is also causing extra heavy northbound delays that's the good old gaper. those delays are spilling back onto the vine street expressway. so already this afternoon eastbound on the vine is a slow crawl across town from the schuylkill out to 95. we have a crash on the schuylkill, too, it's westbound approaching the boulevard. luckily that one is off to the side and adams avenue closed today for four months for work on the bridge over tookany creek. tabor road or oxford avenue
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are alternates. crash in bedminster bucks county along 113 along old bedminster road. norriton a fire location shutting down main street. marshall street a possible alternate. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report. hope you had a good weekend. construction continues on city avenue northbound side just 4 miles per hour by saint joeseph's. it's been a mess all weekend long and it's a mess again this afternoon but we'll check it again brian and sharrie coming up in the next half hour. >> got stuck in some of that myself. matt thank you. still ahead the man accused in a shooting spree at a maryland mall goes before a judge for the first time. >> the fight over north carolina's transgender bathroom law reaches new heights with the state and federal government now going head to head. >> and the boss is coming back to philadelphia. details on the new show from bruce springsteen and the e street band. >> ♪
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>> two counts of murder for allegedly killing two people outside a mall and a grocery store friday. prosecutors believe those murders were the result of botched carjacking attempts. the 62-year-old is being charged separately for killing his estranged wife on thursday in a high school parking lot. >> one hot topic and today dueling lawsuits. the u.s. justice department has now sued the state of north carolina right back. at issue, that controversial bathroom law. the federal suit comes just hours after pat mccorey the date state's governor filed his lawsuit against the u.s. justice department. mccrory is depending his decision to require transgender people to use public bathrooms based on the sex listed on their birth certificate. today the state and the feds are suing each other over this. mccrory's initial suit came in
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response to a letter from the justice department challenging the the law. the doj said it warned mccrory it is a violation of the civil rights act. mccrory is firing back saying the government is overstepping its boundaries. today he asked a federal court to clarify what the federal law exactly states and how it will affect states and businesses going forward. >> because this is not just a north carolina issue, this is now a national issue and an issue which imposes new law on every private sector employer throughout the united states of america with over 15 employees. >> now the doj has said if north carolina enforces its own law, it could lose millions of dollars in federal funding and that includes some $800 million in federal education dollars alone. it is a tricky topic today and now, brian, these dueling lawsuits. >> all right, we'll be following awful it alicia.
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thank you. krispy kreme is cashing in. a private holding company is buying that doughnut maker for $1.3 billion. jab holding is purchasing krispy kreme. the deal was for $21 a share, that's 25 percent higher than where that company stock closed on friday. well, after the deal krispy kreme will become a private company. it's the second major purchase for jab holding which also recently agreed to buy couric green mountain. speaking of business here's a look at today's closing numbers the dow falling 35 points to close at 17,706. nasdaq up about 14. the s & p 500 up one and a half points on the day. "action news" is looking into how some retailers might be unfairly taking your hard earned cash. here's investigative reporter wendy saltzman with a preview of our special report. >> reporter: imagine being overcharged every time you check out. that's what one local man says happened to him at one popular store. >> out of seven items i bought that day, four of them they were overcharging me according
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to the sales price. one of them as much as a document we tag along with him to see just how often you could be paying more at the register. >> they made a sizable differencism undercover cameras were rolling while a price matching investigation was conducted. seat surprising results. don't miss this "action news" investigation tonight at 11:00. >> well, it's music to the ears of classic rock fans across the region. the boss is coming back to philadelphia. bruce springsteen and. e street band have added several performance to the river tour. that includes a slow on wednesday september seventh at citizens bank park. the tour already stopped in february. tickets for the citizens bank park show will go on sale friday may 20th. >> one hot ticket. >> uh-huh. >> looking forward to it. >> another show. >> it is time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> all right, let's head over
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to meteorologist cecily tynan in for adam today. >> unlike yesterday when we had the blue skies and bright sunshine for mother's day sky6 taking a look at the center city skyline and you can see the shades of gray out there. the skies are back and sky6 also doing a little bit of a dance. it is outbreeds side ou on the y side. we have a few sprinkles across south jersey associated with a front that's pushing back in the same front that moved through on sunday morning to the south is now returning and with it we got the clouds and the clouds having an impact on the temperature. philadelphia 67 degrees. we did hit 71 earlier today before the clouds rolled in and allentown it's 68, millville only 61, dover where those thicker clouds 61 and cape may you got the wind off the ocean currently it's 59 degrees. we got the winds out of the southwest, pretty breezy anywhere from about 10 to 18 miles per hour and when you get that flow out of the southwest it also picks up some moisture so it is a little bit on the humid side.
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now, satellite6 along with action radar a wider view showing this frontal boundary again is returning from the south and this will kind of be oscillating near our region for about the next 24 to 36 hours so what that will do is bring us clouds with occasional showers, mainly south of philadelphia. so, tonight mostly cloudy skies, again a shower or two south of philadelphia. temperatures with the cloud cover, though and with the winds out of the southwest really not dropping all that much. 51 degrees in philadelphia. 52 cape may. wilmington 51. trenton 47. and allentown the cool spot down to 45 degrees. future tracker showing tonight we'll see plenty of clouds. essentially south of pennsylvania turnpike. the lehigh valley, the poconos you will be clear and then occasional showers south of philadelphia. atlantic city, millville near dover and then heading into tomorrow morning, future tracker showing plenty of clouds with some showers to the south and as we head through the day we will see some of these showers is it a
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tort sneak in but really not producing a whole lot of precipitation. mainly this front is just going to be bringing us a lot of cloud cover. the four day at 4:00 showing tomorrow as we bring it up full we are looking at lots of clouds with occasional showers south. al, bring it up here. showing -- do you have the four day at 4:00? all right. i'll show it right here. we're looking at -- there we go -- cloudy skies with some showers south and it will be cooler thanks to the cloud cover, 61 degrees. on wednesday another area of high pressure moves in and that bump that is front out of here. looking pretty nice. some sunshine, warmer, 73. thursday during the day fine. partly cloudy, warm, 74 degrees but rain arriving at night and friday first day of the dad vail regatta looking a little bit on the wet side, periods of rain 74 dreams i'll let you know if we can get that rain out of here for next weekend coming up in the full accuweather forecast. always looking forward to next week. >> yes, we are. >> and it's monday. >> thank you cecily. coming up at 4:30 shattered glass rains down from a lie rise in center city. we've got a live report on dee
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wills with just how this happened. >> up next a woman murdered while her children slept nearby. the crime that set off a police chase in philadelphia this morning. >> and these moms, they do the darnedest things, don't they he? how one mom's anticipated surprise for her freshman in college turns into a viral gaffe. you will not want to miss coming up in big talkers. and remember, "action news" is about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines accuweather and breaking news and you can communicate with us on facebook we're at 6abc "action news," on twitter we're at 6abc. join us and be a part of "action news."
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sincerely, brandon heaven fellow dad and fellow citizen. about how to make debt work for you, ask me. >> ♪ >> philadelphia police say a man called 911 to confess he killed his girlfriend early this morning in kensington. the 24-year-old man told the dispatcher he had choked the woman to death during a fight that turned physical. police found the 28-year-old victim dead inside a home on the 3200 block of rohrer
4:26 pm
street. investigators used the suspect's vehicle information to track him down. >> we got an exact location on him. one of our units spotted him. as a result we had a car pursuit with the successful ending at thompson and cumberland where the male was apprehended with no injuries. >> detectives have not released the name of the suspect or the victim. police say the woman will four children and they are being placed with other family members. >> a car flipped over after a crash in olney this morning and the wreck caused a traffic mess in that area. the action cam was on olney avenue near ogontz avenue where the crash happened just before 6:30 this morning. there were three cars involved in this wreck and you can see one of them ended up on its side. fortunate no one was seriously hurt here. police have not said what caused this crash. >> children's hospital of philadelphia is celebrating an expansion. mayor jim kenney helped cut the ribbon on chop's new facility in south philadelphia. it's a community health and
4:27 pm
literacy center at broad and morris. the send will provide pediatric care and also houses a library. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 a construction accident sent glass raining onto the street today in center city. we're live with more on the safety concern next. >> plus a mom's surprise college visit is going viral because her dorm drop in backfired big time. you got to hear this one. find out just what happened here coming up in big talkers.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again. 4:30 and "action news" continues. a couple accused of crime spree they allegedly carried out almost every day for months. >> plus, the sugar house casino cuts the ribbon on its multi-million dollars expansion. see the changes and upgrades next. >> honored tour taking a stands against gun. we'll tell you a woman's encounter with a youngly boy that led to accolades she never imagined. that story in big talkers. >> first falling glass caused commotion and concern this afternoon in center city. broken construction equipment shattered a window which sent shards of glass raining down onto the street below. "action news" reporter walter perez is covering the story live now at 19th and market streets and you've got what happened here, walter. >> reporter: hi, sharrie, it happened in the building you see here behind me. officials from l and i are
4:30 pm
telling me they're blaming today's wind gusts for what they're now calling a simple accident. it happened at about 11 o'clock this morning at the beneficial bank building on the 1800 block of market street. officials tell us a gust of wind caught the power cord locking device you see swinging in this video flung it into this 12th floor window. the glass shattered sending most of the debris into a and occupied office area but a chunk of that glass did fall onto the roadway below. >> probably like the middle piece of the glass from what it looked like and it hit the street. shattered all over the place. fortunately no one was walking by or driving by, which is kind of unreal. >> reporter: firefighters and police quickly converged on the scene and closed off this stretch of market street until that locking device was secured and the shattered glass was removed from the roadway. kenneth's work van was parked a few feet away from the very spot where that falling glass landed. few more feet and your truck would have got it.
4:31 pm
>> yeah, possibly, possibly. i saw bunch of glass in the street so i just took a walk down at lunch to make sure the van wasn't damaged. >> reporter: of course, this is not the first time we've reported debris falling from buildings in philadelphia. back in 2014, a 25-foot column came crashing down from the side of this parking garage at 19th and j.f.k. boulevard. and in 2009, debris tumbled from this building at 16th and chestnut. nobody was injured in either case and fortunately the same can be said regarding today's incident. >> if that would have hit somebody, that might have even went through a car, you know. >> reporter: meanwhile the 1800 block of market street was closed today right around midday for about an hour so you could imagine the kind of congestion that caused in this area. the upside once again, no injuries to report. reporting live from center city, walter perez, channel6 "action news." >> walter thanks very much. a convicted rapist was sentence dad to decades behind bars. a philadelphia judge ordered
4:32 pm
antoine brown to spend 40 to 196 years in state prison. in october the 25-year-old pleaded guilty to raping four teen girls in the city's germantown section. prosecutors say brown wore a mask during all of his attacks which happened in the spring of 2013. he also threatened to kill his victims who were 12 to 17 years old at the time. >> from our new jersey news room now, police are investigating a shooting that left a man injured overnight. shots rang out on 45th street near westville avenue in pennsauken, camden county. the man was shot in the lower body. to word yet on his condition today. police are still trying to figure out who shot him and why. in atlantic city, officials are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire. the flames broke out on the fourth floor of the home on the 100 block of north florida avenue around 1:30 this morning. no one was home at the time of the fire and crews were able to quickly get the blaze under
4:33 pm
control. >> meteorologist cecily tynan joining us now you know at least we got a really nice mother's day. >> yeah, it was perfect. well, mother nature she has to give us a nice mother's day. we had the sunshine but clouds are back. not the same as last week. last week remember it was cloudy and damp and cool. it's not that cold out there. let's go live on sky6 take a look at philadelphia international airport where we do have a pretty good deck of clouds right now but the temperatures 67 degrees. last week we were stuck in the 50's most of the week. winds are out of the southwest at 16 miles per hour. so, it's a little bit on the breezy side and in atlantic city also looking very gray, winds out of the west-southwest at 13 miles per hour and we do have a few sprinkles out there. double scan live showing not much action, a little bit across south jersey but there is a front, a frontal boundary that's draped across south jersey and this really has an impact on the temperatures. south of it, it's warm with temperatures in the 70's. we're right kind of on the line, 67 degrees and north of it, it's cool with temperatures only in the 50's.
4:34 pm
i am tracking the return of temperatures in the 70's but also a steady rain. i'll let you know when coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. >> more rain. >> yeah. >> okay. >> thank you cecily. >> you're welcome. a couple from rehoboth beach is accused of stealing from a grocery store for almost three months. and prosecutors say they stole almost every day. 53-year-old david sanke and his 60-year-old wife diana would hide things like meat and toile toilet >> a new castle gas station was the target of were, to back crimes. the valero station was robbed about 12:30 yesterday morning by a plan who fled in an suv. less than four hours later at 4:00 a.m., another man walked in and announced a holdup. he left on foot. investigators say the two robberies appear to be
4:35 pm
unrelated. no one was hurt here. >> after two years, sugar house casino's renovation and expansion project is complete. they cut the ribbon today on the new $164 million expansion in fishtown. sugar house says they've added more table games, slot machines and a seven story parking garage. they also have several new dining options and a 30,000 square foot event center. >> we are learning more today about a major drug bust in camden county. according to police there, this one led to several significant arrests. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in the news room this afternoon with the details on this one. hi, monica. >> hi, brian, that's right. it was an early morning raid last week after a month long investigation. coming up tonight new at 5:00 the alleged drug dealer that police say is off the streets of knowledge and facing a laundry list of serious charges. coming up in health check from a trend in health to an epidemic. [inaudible] e-cigarettes that have experts raising major
4:36 pm
concerns. those stories and more at 5:00. >> we'll see you then monica. thank you. one philadelphia school is taking a new hands-on approach to learning. fox chase elementary just unveiled an agriculture lab to help teach students about farming, science math and technology. pennsylvania agriculture secretary russell reading stopped by for the grand opening today. the new lab is part of a larger plan to redesign city schools to meet the demands of the 21st century. >> and still ahead here on "action news" on a monday afternoon a fearless deputy fights through flames to save a life. we've got new video of that rescue next. and then find out why this picture has a group of west point cadets at the center of a controversy. >> plus, a mom tried to surprise her daughter at college but the plan, it backfired. and the evidence is going wildly viral. we're explain what all happened coming up in big talkers. and meteorologist cecily tynan will be back with that full forecast from accuweather
4:37 pm
when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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>> a sheriff's depth knee south florida being credited with saving a man's life. dashcam video shows that deputy approach the scene of a car accident last night in vero beach. there were flames and smoke pouring from that car and the deputy wasn't sure if anyone was inside. but the deputy was able to open the door and get the driver out despite those flames. the driver was air lifted to a burn center in orlando. the massive wildfire burning in canada is showing signs that it is finally slowing down. officials hope improving weather conditions will help them get the upper hand on this. the fire has already burned 400,000 acres. just to give you an idea that's half the size of rhode island. 80,000 people have been evacuated but now officials are working ton a plan to have them return to the oil sands town of fort mcmurray. >> an important safety warning now for parents 180,000
4:40 pm
pacifiers are being recalled. there are concerns that children could cloak on part of the plastic cover on these latch light weight pacifiers made by munchkin. the product was sold at babies r us target wal-mart and other stores across the u.s. several colors and styles are part of this recall. we've posted more information on this on our web site just go to the consumer section. >> ♪ >> big talkers now. we start with big backlash at west point over this photo. these 16 african-american female cadets had their fists raised in this picture and it's creating a bit of a firestorm. the big question, are they trying to make a political statement. you see the school has a policy against any kind of political activity while in uniform. but the cadets are defending the photo saying it's not antipolice or black lives matter statement, rather, a tradition. seniors have been known to
4:41 pm
pose with a stoic look like in this old picture right here that was tweeted out by a west point chair woman but what sets this picture apart is the pose and the clinched fists. the elite military academy is now investigating. it's too soon to say what kind of consequences it could have for the cadets, by the way, are set to graduate on may 21st. on mother's day, a church honored one chicago woman as mother of the year. and this woman isn't even a mother. but they're saluting her for her motherly instincts and the way she took a stand against guns. stacy davis was driving when she saw an 11-year-old boy walking down the street with what looked like a gun in the waste band of his pants. this youtube clip of the encounter is going wildly viral. dates jumps out, she colds the boy and takes the gun. which by the way turns outer to be a toy. she says it very much looked real. took it tossed it in the trash. >> i just told him that's how
4:42 pm
kids die every day. that's how kids can get shot. >> the church says davis very well may have saved the boy's life and took the matter into her own hands. finally, oh, man, poor momma pilling. she says if she knew that her major gaffe was going to go this viral well she would have taken what she calls a better selfie. here's what happened. momma pilling goes to visit her daughter mckenna a freshman at utah state university. a big surprise they live in new york city, she takes the flight out there goes to the campus and sends this text from what she thinks is mckenna's bed. it's a whole response in this text thread. it says hey look where i am. where are you to which mckenna responds where is that? i'm in my dorm. please tell me you're not in someone else's dorm. oops, mom responds, i'm in someone else's dorm. omg. no word on whose bed that was. mckenna says she just knew it wasn't hers because when mom
4:43 pm
sent the text, she was reading it from her bed. the correct bed. poor mom having her big goldilocks moment for all of social media to absorb. mccamckenna tweets it. it has been retweeted 14,000 times. >> no surprise visits. >> maybe lock your dorm room doors so mom can't get in and hop in the bed. >> alicia thanks very much. lesson learned there momma pilling. >> matt is standing by with the upday. hey, matt. >> so many lessons really. we tomorrow want any nasty -- don't want any any nasty surprises. 295 in camden county just starting to tap the brakes here in the southbound lanes near the black horse pike, by a five minute delay so far on that southbound travel time but the even slower speeds are on 295 in burlington county where there's a crash on the southbound side past 541. it's on the left shoulder. so it's been slowing you down
4:44 pm
southbound but also causing the gaper delay northbound so speeds on the northbound side too are impacted just in the mid-20's right now. from 295 to 95, where speeds are just in the teens on the southbound side but the crash that we had past allegheny avenue has cleared so all lanes are reopened as you head south towards center city. however, the delay remains. in center city, this is the vine street expressway eastbound side backing up substantially as you can see from past the schuylkill out to 95 and warning the 59 shrine close again each night this week for overnight construction. that, of course, starts at 11 o'clock. on the big picture crash on the schuylkill westbound approaching the boulevard is clear but that it is won't be clear for four months. today adams avenue shut down in the lawncrest section of the city for bridge construction. again, for about four months. so, tabor road or olney avenue are some alternates. and in bedminster bucks county still have that crash along 113. bedminster road near kellers church road by the church office so that is a good spot to avoid.
4:45 pm
we'll check it again in the 5 o'clock hour. >> matt thank you. what's the deal is coming up. we'll help you cash in on those big cell phone rebates being advertised right now. >> and we'll step outside. sky6 hd looking live philadelphia international airport as those clouds roll in, meteorologist cecily tynan with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
>> meteorologist cecily tynan we were just getting used to the sunshine. >> i know. >> it was so nice to have it back. >> it will be coming back. it's not going to be like last week. >> okay. >> but the clouds are back so what can you do? >> what can you do. >> the action cam was in fairmount park. this is what you can do. you can go outside and get some exercising in. we have cloudy skies and mild temperatures that actually is great weather to go exercising in. storm tracker6 live double
4:48 pm
scan showing that we did have some showers across south jersey earlier. they've really tapered off but there is a front that is going to be bringing us some unsettled weather but with it temperatures matching yesterday. yesterday for mother's day 71 degrees. today we hit that as well, which is normal for this time of the year, nice to be normal, but the clouds have rolled in and that is kind of dialing back the temperatures a little bit. philadelphia 67 degrees. trenton and allentown 68. you can see they have thinner cloud cover up there but to the south with the thicker cloud cover it's a little bit cooler. wilmington 62. millville and dover 61 and cape may 59 degrees with the wind off the bay. that's making quite a bit of a difference. the ocean temperature 55 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing this is the same front that moved through early yesterday with a round of showers. it is now coming back in from the south but you'll notice it's losing a lot of its moisture. we have some clouds with it and some occasional showers and that's really going to be the trend over about the next
4:49 pm
24 hours. a wider view showing that they are get something severe weather out to the west. i really don't expect anything like that. the call from accuweather for tonight, the clouds will continue to thicken. could have a few showers south of philadelphia, 45 degrees the low in the cooler suburbs about 51 degrees for center city. and tomorrow the it's going to be a little bit unsettled and one of the days it depends on your location. farther up to the north you'll see some clouds but it should be dry. south of philadelphia a few showers in p inn spots with this front just to our south. our high 61 degrees. so, it is going to be about 10 degrees cooler than today. then on wednesday, another area of high pressure begins to flex its muscles. what this will do is push that front down to the south again so we will see some breaks of sunshine especially areas farther to the north and temperatures will respond, 73 degrees and looks like we could even be a little bit warmer on thursday before this whole complex moves in and brings us a rainy friday. taking a look at the pollen report, though, it is going to be a little bit lower tomorrow
4:50 pm
with a possibility of some showers and then medium high on wednesday and thursday. oak birch and maple the primary culprits but we've had it worse two weeks ago the pollen meter was on high all week long. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow it will be cooler than today. lots of clouds with a few showers south of philadelphia, not a washout. a high of 61 degrees. on wednesday, some sunshine returning. it will be warmer, 73 and thursday looking good during the day. partly sunny, 74 degrees but rain moving in on thursday night and friday this is not great timing for the dad vail regatta. periods of rain with a high of 70. on saturday, some leftover showers and then we begin to clear things out. 69 degrees and sunday looking pretty nice. sun mixing with clouds but on the cool side with a high of 63 and monday mostly sunny with a high of also 63 degrees. association it's not a perfect seven-day forecast but it's not going to be anything like last week where we're stuck in the clouds with temperatures in the 50's. so not bad.
4:51 pm
>> not bad. i don't know if we can handle another week like that. >> we'd all move. >> yeah. all right. cecily thank you. and while the sunny skies return to today a bit, rain remains in the forecast so stay close to you'll find the latest updates in the power of storm tracker6 live radar. >> big offers from cell phone companies are promising great deals if you switch your service but owe are those offers really as good as they seem? we'll take a look in what's the deal. >> the competition gets tougher than ever on "dancing with the stars" tonight. the six remaining couples get a little help from the judges who take on coaching duties this week. make sure you tune in tonight at 8 o'clock right here on 6abc. and here's a look at tonight's prime time lineup in its entirety. >> ♪ with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar.
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>> all right. time now for what's the deal? and the question, have you switched cell phone carriers simply because you were lured in by a good deal? some companies have been making a big and pretty enticing push to get customers to make the switch. offering everything from sizable rebates to free televisions. but some customers say they have spent months fighting to cash in on those deals. if this sounds familiar, we have some help for you. union niece clark one of those customers, she says verizon offered her $200 to trade in her old phone for a new one. after three months of waiting, she called verizon who told her they couldn't help her. instead, they referred her to a third party company who was running the trade in program. >> i ended up calling them for the next i would say eight to 10 months. i was always on hold for a minimum of an hour.
4:55 pm
and several times i would just be hung up on. >> this is actually the number four consumer complaint at the federal trade commission. consumers get into this loop where they can't find anybody to talk to. >> so, whether it's a rebate you're waiting for from your own company or one that you're switching to, stephanie zimmerman the abc news fixer stepped in and in this case, she got verizon to credit that wambach her $200. she says no matter the deal you are waiting for, zimmerman has these tips for you. stay organized. save your screen shots if it's a printer ad, save that. save the packaging for your phone, save any kind of correspondence you have with the cell phone company offering you the deal. all of these will help if you are waiting for that rebate or that offer and it's just not showing up. that way you have the proof. brian. >> all right, good stuff. >> stay on top of it. >> alicia, thank you. finally at 4:00 the u.s. mint is working on creating a brand new coin.
4:56 pm
it will be pink to promote breast cancer awareness and to raise money for cancer research and you can help design it. the feds will hold a contest for the coin's artwork. a portion of the proceeds from couldn't sales will go toward the nonprofit breast cancer research foundation. the coins are expected to be released in 2018. >> great idea. that will do it for "action news at 4:00 now for brian taff alicia vitarelli and cecily tynan, adam joseph, i'm sharrie williams. be sure to join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> in the meantime rick williams and monica malpass standing by with "action news" at 5:00 hi guys. >> hi. coming up next at 5:00 an escaped inmate back in custody nearly a week after his escape from a new jersey prison. how the intense and manhunt came to a swift end on the side of a busy roadway. plus waiting for a winner. the single lucky ticket sold in our area that is worth 429 million bucks. >> and we're learning new information about the alleged gunman in a deadly shooting
4:57 pm
spree outside of washington, d.c. on the day of his first court appearance. those stories and much more are coming up next on "action news" at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, rick williams, cecily tynan and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> it is 5 o'clock and we are following breaking news out of delaware where police have just filed criminal charges against three howard high school students in the death of 16-year-old amy joyner francis. joyner-francis was attacked in a high school bathroom last movement she later died at the hospital. according to police she had a preexisting heart condition but it was aggravated by the assault and eventually led to her death. one of the students could be charged as an adult. we have a crew on the way to wilmington right now and updates will be with you as soon as we get them on >> a new jersey convenience store owner is now $30,000 richer. but the bigger winner is still a mystery. tonight we are still waiting for someone to come forward and claim a $429 million jackpot. >> it is the second biggest lottery jackpot in u.s.
5:00 pm
history, won on a single ticket and new jersey correspondent nora muchanic joins us live outside the 7-eleven store on chambers street where those winning numbers were picked. hi, nora. >> reporter: hi, monica, rick. when you take the federal and state taxes out of this it comes to $284 million, still nothing to sneeze at and tonight we're waiting to find out exactly who bought that winning ticket. now, we know it was purchased last tuesday here at 5:20. the owner say after looking at surveillance tape they believe it's a regular customer, a woman whose identity is still unknown. >> it's exciting. like this is definitely something that only happens once in your lifetime. i still can't believe it. luis sandoval is the clerk who sold the winning powerball ticket. today lottery officials handed over a $30,000 commission check to his bosses, the owners of the 7-eleven on chambers street who are eager to have the winner, the regular customer here come forward. >> it's amazing. you know, i just -- i'm so happy. i just hope that it bri


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